About Us

Globalartsale.com was built on the need to trade art on a perfectly aligned trading platform for the uncomplicated and cost-effective merging of buyers and sellers. The operators of the homepage put particular value on the completeness of the information in the collection of the data of all members but in particular the offered on the trading platform for art works. All pictorial material as well as the coherent proof of the objects advertised by the members can be shown to the public in highest quality.

Future members can benefit from a membership of the best and most cost effective trading platform. All negotiations are negotiated and concluded directly among the members without the help of the operator of the homepage. No commission or other costs will be deducted from the purchase price. The operators of the platform also waive membership fees or other hidden costs. The only payments made by the members actively participating in the trading on the platform are for the upload of the art objects. The upload includes the inclusion of the photos as well as all written information provided by the member himself.

The operators have taken special care in building up trade security and payment reliability. Each member can deposit the payments at the operator bank after a successful purchase and at any time demand back in case of missing or incorrect delivery. The payments deposited with the bank are then remitted to the member without any deductions after being returned to the sender. For the transport and insurance, the operators provide on the homepage all additional services that can be used by the members at any time in advance offer.

With the homepage, the operators have created a unique and so far non-existent trading platform, which offers the customer a unique opportunity to buy or sell art objects by means of a small flat fee. All additional services for your own needs are available to members at any time. Globalartsale.com will become the largest art trading platform in the world over the next two years, so you'll enjoy your membership today